👉🏻 This masterclass is for anyone who wants to learn the secrets to naturally reducing endometriosis symptoms

Whether you're diagnosed, undiagnosed, a loved one, or even a health practitioner wanting to learn more, you'll be blown away by the things you learn that you've never heard before. 


Calm that pain

Learn how to quickly reduce endo symptoms like painful periods using the best herbs, supplements and modalities I know. 

What to eat

Learn which foods to avoid and what to eat more of to help reduce inflammation, painful periods and improve those frustrating gut issues.

Goodbye endo belly

What causes that endo bloat? Learn the underlying drivers of this uncomfortable problem and how to fix it for good including tests and treatments.

Calm hormones

Hormonal medications aren't the only way to reduce high unopposed oestrogen. Learn how to lower it using natural and effective strategies.

Say goodbye to wasting money on empty promises...


...and hello to finding out the most effective strategies I've tried (personally and clinically) that actually get you the most meaningful results. 

Hi đź‘‹ I'm Jade


After a painful and tiresome 17-year road to a diagnosis, I made it my life’s mission as a degree-qualified Naturopath to dedicate my work to preventing people from going through what I did.

Since my diagnosis, I’ve quickly become a go-to person for naturopathic education on endometriosis including writing a section in Bridget Hustwaite’s book “How to Endo”, becoming the Director of Health and Wellness for Hey Sister! and joining the advisory board for the new endo app - "Matilda". 

I have also featured on many practitioner podcasts, am regularly consulted for up-skilling other practitioners in the endo space, and also host my own podcast "The Jade Walker Way".

So when I say "I get it" - I mean it.

It's my hope that I can prevent people like you from experiencing half the struggles I did and find the very best solutions to live a better quality of life.