$197.00 AUD

MODULE 3: Endo Belly & Gut Health

In the most in-depth of all 4 Phases of the Endo Care Collective, Module 3 leaves no stone left unturned when it comes to finding the root cause of that bloat and unwavering bowel problems. 

What you'll get:

✔ 11 on-demand video lessons teaching you how to fix the most important system in the body in order to get the most meaningful outcomes to your endometriosis challenges

✔ LESSON 1: The endo-gut link


✔ LESSON 3: Healing the gut
✔ LESSON 4: Therapeutic diets: there are 5 extra lessons within this sub-module, walking you through each specific diet, helping you decide if it's best for you and how to do it
✔ LESSON 5: The gut-brain axis

✔ BONUS LESSON: What does a healthy bowel movement look like?

✔ All PDF Slides

✔ Loads of downloadable resources

✔ Loads of discount codes from endo-friendly companies 

✔ Lifetime access

✔ Mobile app access

✔ And more!



Within your portal you'll also have access to several add-ons to make your experience even better! This helps you choose your own adventure. 

Optional add-ons include:

  • Prescription access: gain access to practitioner-only products as well as tailored herbal medicines. This will include a virtual patient on-boarding process so that you're under Jade's care. 
  • Cheat sheets and trackers to keep yourself accountable 
  • Access to transcripts and audio files for more ways to take in the info


👉🏻 Try it for 7-days, risk-free

I believe so strongly in this course that if after 7-days you still find that it didn't help you whatsoever, we will happily refund you the full amount - no questions asked.

What's not included (compared to the full Endo Care Collective Course)?

This module does not include Facebook group access or monthly Q&A sessions. It also does not include prescription access (but can be added with the additional add-ons).


Now for the serious stuff...

The Endo Care Collective does not aim to, or claim to, cure endometriosis. This is aimed at supporting your symptoms such as pain, heavy bleeding and digestive discomfort.

For adults aged 18 and above only

You agree to seek advice from your GP or other primary health care physician before making any changes that could interact with your current medication or condition.